Postal bulletin payment software

/ Postal bulletin payment software

We have implemented an integration system for an important bank, that allows it to make use of the services offered by SIA-SSB for the payment of postal bills, ACI revenue stamps, RAI TV fees and online bills.

In practice we have created a middleware, with services to the management, of payments to different systems inside the bank making the entire integration with sia-ssb transparent. The entire infrastructure is multi-channel, multi-institute and guarantees a 24/7 service and is highly reliable.

The bolipo system is made up of three principle components:

  • The soap service infrastructure allows the end user client to manage payments through internet banking and mobile apps.
  • Console for the control management activities and interventions by the back-office.
  • A series of procedures on the mainframe to manage the accounting for the company.

The architecture is based on the linux redhat infrastructure and uses jboss as application server and is based on ibm db2 as base.