System Integration

/ System Integration

Side soft has always engaged in the integration of systems: analyzes how heterogeneous systems can connect with each other so as to create different software that can dialogue among themselves, share data and process them as well.

Some examples of system integration carried out are shown below:

PEF – Electronic File of Loans, integration with product market leader repository info, strategies of decision-making (Crif, Exprivia), factor and leasing integration. SIDE SOFT activities foresee:
• Predisposition of the architecture which will permit communication between the departmental area with the mainframe
• Power source of tabellare db2 equipment
• Predisposition of the routine to trace the necessary data needed to calculate the rating elaborated by the software exprivia
• Process of logging and replication of requests passed on to exprivia

Cash management: integration of standard flows cbi
Telematic report batch procedure for the clientele interfacing with the bank procedure that supply telematic reports (bank accounts, portfolio, foreign transactions, effective cash, etc.) And the different ways of client dispatching (cbi, telemaco, swift)

Bank transparency:
SIDE SOFT has accumulated experiences in the integration of the banking information system
Specialized in bank transparency (bst capgemini)

Payment administration system:
Credit card
• Predisposition of data for Crif report
• Predisposition of flows to be sent to card issuer and international circuit management (ccard – cartasi - tsys)

Debit card
• Adaptation of requests from sepa project
• Migration of old debit with band to the new one with band and microchip