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Experience and the continual quest for the latest novelties in the technological field enable us to offer ourselves as the ideal partner in the implementation of projects, from the architectural design up to the testing & quality assurance phases.

Below are some of the projects designed and created by side soft for their clients:



This is a web application, designed and created by side soft with hierarchical navigation incorporated by the corporate organization that permits users to evaluate and constantly monitor credit, operational and financial risks meaning, the relative summarized risks of a business retail unit and permits it to analyze the situation. 
control monitors allow the selection of a territory one desires to check (zooming in even on the subsidiaries) and allows the immediate visualization of the summarized risk index of the last 12 months and the last working day. By default, the opening of the monitor will show the summarized risk index of the unit in the highest level of the hierarchy of the user who is logging in. 
From the summarized risk index it is possible to see for the same area, the indexes relative to the three risk categories, which have been determined (credit, operational, financial).
As a consequence, for every single category it is possible to verify the indexes of each item, which properly weighed, determines the calculation. 
Monitor shows objective data relative to a determined period that produced the single index of an item (e.g. number of overdrafts in the area in question grouped by number of days of overdraft).

The dashboard currently supplies data relative to the following areas:

Credit risks 
• Overdrafts
• Unpaid instalments 
• Quality of credit
• Overdue audits 
• Expired rating 
• Irregular positions 

Operational risks
• Incomplete loan
• Digitization of investments 
• Digitization of guarantees 
• Anomalous personal data 

Financial risks
• Asset adaptation 
• Profiling evolution 
• Market risks 
• Concentration level of stocks 
• Concentration level of bonds 
• Concentration level of orders 
• Capital losses retail 

Management of forborne credits application 

The launching in 2014 of the asset quality review (aqr) has raised both in italy and in the rest of the european community, the level of attention for the classification of credit, in particular on credit that has deteriorated, “forborne credits,” that is, forborne exposures. The “measures of tolerance” given by the bank to debtors who find themselves or about to find themselves in difficulty in facing their financial commitments (see “financial difficulties”).
To respect compliance, the client used, as of today, a logarithm for recuperating forborne exposures based on the concept of ex-post.
With the introduction of this new application, used jointly with the intervention implementation on vertical applications on the release of forbearance claims, it is intended to pass from the management of forborne credits that allows the ex-ante interception of the conditions that qualify the potential financial difficulty of the debtor. In this way, it will be possible to submit forborne claims to the expert evaluation of the decision-making body before these are granted and therefore before attributing the state of forbearance. 
In order to formalize the process of assigning the state of forbearance and its relative monitoring as well as dispatching information to the application responsible for referring information to surveillance bodies, side soft has created a new application that summarizes briefly the following functions: 
• File history of forborne reports;
• Identify the counterparties in “financial difficulties”;
• Present information about applications that deliberate/provide credit aimed at allowing the determination of the “forborne potential”; 
• Trace the forborne resolution (conscious resolution); 
• Monitor and authorize the state of forbearance (forborne nonperforming/forborne performing/non-forborne) and the variations of the period of observation (cure period and probation period);
• Manage and collect information which is the basis of calculation and data on the resolution of forbearance aimed at presenting the requested report.

The application is updated every day through daily batch flows containing the following information: 
• Claims of forbearance and relative deliberated/perfected forborne exposures
• State of default 
• Overdraft reports

Data on financial difficulties are made available by the application to the following managerial ledger system of the client:
• Loans and guarantees 
• Portfolio
• PEF – Electronic Loan File 
• Management of salary-backed loans 
• Loans
• Leasing 
• Factoring

Power of attorney management 

An application developed by side soft to optimize the management of the signature authorization in distributed systems properly integrated with the rest of the system. 
The application was developed in such a way as to manage the signature authorization in various situations, in particular: 
• Authorization to sign for recipient of a report 
• Powers of proxy 
• Telematic proxy 

Services currently foreseen for the addition of proxies are for current and savings accounts.
The software manages the addition, modification and cancellation of proxies and the relative operations.
The types on signatures are also managed: 
• Joint 
• Separate 

Once the definition of the authorization to sign is completed, the software deals with the reproduction of printed forms that will be signed by the subjects involved.