The business process management is the set of activities needed for the definition, optimisation and integration of corporate processes, in order to create a process oriented towards making the company’s business efficient and effective.

Side soft’s experience started from the clientele who wanted to simplify and make company processes more efficient by eliminating every manual or otherwise destructive intervention.

 A framework, or a component system, was created for sharepoint infrastructure that uses basic functions and extends them to the customers’ specific requirements.

 For example a customer who wants to simplify and improve the flow of requests from the web to the addressees because preceding processes managed them through manual or otherwise destructive “standard channels” (postel, email, telephone, internal paper mail) risked the loss of important data.  

The application created permits the implementation of each new request by minimizing the need to write a new code, working only on the definition of the appropriate configurations thus reducing developing time and delivery of every new implementation.

In this way it is possible to extend the functionality of the framework through modules/components developed ad hoc to manage the different needs of the process, in such a way of making the instrument more flexible and easy to configure. The management of data used for the different requests becomes simpler, furthermore allowing the management of both documents to be printed and/or those to be attached to the request itself.  

The historical memory of the various interventions is maintained in the different authorized phases.

Areas of application of bpm by side soft for its clients were:  

Technical assistance

•   Notice of technical intervention
•   Permission to enter


Compliance and anti-money laundering

•   Monitoring of control activities
•   Notification of the ministry of economics and finance: checks/cash
•   Credits
•   Credit transfers


Generation of checks paid and closure of interbank central alarm report

•   Unpaid checks and interbank central alarm report
•   Check negotiation cash-letter: unpaid notice
•   Non-performing loans
•   Loan confirmation - NDG



•   Activation of error control
•   Terms of activation
•   Derivative trading (request for backup)
•   Capital transactions
•   Publication of forms dynamics
•   Request for securities deposit exemption
•   Request for securities certification
•   Request for sale price of over-the-counter securities 
•   Request for withdrawal of securities free of charge
•   Request for subscription repurchase agreements italy
•   Request for transfer of securities
•   Request deposit constraints
•   Transfer of institutes for collective savings investment with securities portfolio


Governing values and administration

•   Cancellation of portfolio slips
•   Overdraft authorization
•   Portfolio slips
•   Stamp duty: application variations
•   Examination and planning of private mortgages
•   Request for documentation from abroad
•   Reclassification of balance sheets
•   Financing of taxes for emilia earthquake
•   Inheritance tax
•   USA taxation


Operating chains

•   Adhesion to promotional campaigns
•   Time deposit activation
•   Financial instruments stamp duties: direct debit on current account
•   Credit cards
•   Basic current accounts
•   Fresh funding
•   Asset management
•   Letter accompanying myself personal code
•   Member get member (prize campaign for the opening of new current accounts)
•   Request for help desk
•   Gadget request
•   Stamp duty reimbursement
•   Variations ssf (under loan section – client passage from one portfolio to another)
•   Sale of central corporate billing credit card (company credit)
•   Request for passage of software in production
•   Request for as400 intervention for suppliers
•   Request for the naming system administrator