Sidesoft Silver partner ISTQB®

/ Sidesoft Silver partner ISTQB®

With the silver qualification, the company entered the partnership program created by istqb® (international software testing qualifications board) to award and support the organizations that invest in the istqb® certification scheme.
Thanks to the advanced training programs undertaken by a team of partners, Sidesoft has been admitted to the ISTQB® Partner Program, the partnership program created by ISTQB® (international Software Testing Qualifications Board) to award and support the organizations that invest in the ISTQB® certification scheme. This IT-solutions company based in Carpi, Reggio Emilia and Parma, has entered the partnership program with Silver qualifications.

This is an ulterior advancement in the path which the management has promoted for the certification of advanced competencies in the field of Software Testing. In the background, the need to ensure the clients – banks and companies of the fashion & luxury, medical and automation sectors – against the risk of IT attacks, phenomena which are increasingly frequent at global levels and which provoke immense operational and economic damages. Only by perfecting the quality of software systems through strict tests before they are released for operations, can one increase the level of corporate cybersecurity.

Sidesoft operates thanks to a structure of over 50 professionals specialized in software design, system integration, testing & quality assurance, application management, reverse engineering and business process management. The annual investment in Research & Development is equal to 15#% of the turnover, to keep up – and as much as possible, anticipate the requests of an ICT sector in the vortex of evolution.