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  • Silver Partner ISTQB - 01/07/2017 Sidesoft Silver partner ISTQB®Thanks to the advanced training programs undertaken by a team of partners, Sidesoft has been admitted to the ISTQB® Partner Program, the partnership program created by ISTQB® (international Software Testing Qualifications Board) to award and support the organizations that invest in the ISTQB® certification scheme. This IT-solutions company based in Carpi, Reggio Emilia and Parma, has entered the partnership program with Silver qualifications.

    This is an ulterior advancement in the path which the management has promoted for the certification of advanced competencies in the field of Software Testing. In the background, the need to ensure the clients – banks and companies of the fashion & luxury, medical and automation sectors – against the risk of IT attacks, phenomena which are increasingly frequent at global levels and which provoke immense operational and economic damages. Only by perfecting the quality of software systems through strict tests before they are released for operations, can one increase the level of corporate cybersecurity.

    Sidesoft operates thanks to a structure of over 50 professionals specialized in software design, system integration, testing & quality assurance, application management, reverse engineering and business process management. The annual investment in Research & Development is equal to 15#% of the turnover, to keep up – and as much as possible, anticipate the requests of an ICT sector in the vortex of evolution.
  • Work with us - 16/06/2017 In search of a Junior ProgrammerWe are looking for a junior programmer, also with no experience, to insert into our development team. We will take charge of training the new employee on the use of the IBM mainframe environment, and in particular the MVS/TSO operating system, and cobol and database db2 language.

    Basic requirements: diploma or degree in technical-scientific subjects with preference for those proficient in English and sql languages. We need a person who wants to invest on his/her self to undertake a medium/long-term professional training path, and is willing to travel and have flexible schedules.

    Offer: initial remunerated apprenticeship with subsequent possibility for a permanent apprenticeship contract.

    Office: Reggio Emilia.

    Candidates can send their applications to
  • ITA-ISTQB Certification - 02/06/2017 ITA-ISTQB Certification

    Sidesoft has obtained the ITA-ISTQB® certification, Italian division of ISTQB®, the biggest International organization that works in the field of certification of competencies in the Software Testing field.

    A group consisting of members of the Sidesoft team completed the training course promoted by the company, in the field of a strategic plan finalized for obtaining the status as accredited Silver level partner in ISTQ®.

    The latest events in the theme of cybersecurity have evidenced the dimension of the damages caused by IT piracy, when intercepting gaps in systems that have not been suitably tested. “The need to adopt standard techniques and methodologies and strict tests of software, applied not only in business but also in daily used tools,”, as Sidesoft's president Davide Costa explained, "is becoming a primary need for those who create, sell and handle IT systems."

    Only rigorous testing can in fact reduce the risk of operating problems, and contribute to the quality of the software system, before it is released for operations. "Our corporate target,” continued Costa, “is to guarantee safety, also seen in terms of safety of the users and prevent the risk of losing time, money and credibility of the company and professionals."

  • ABI Lab Forum 2017 - 03/04/2017 ABI Lab Forum 2017

    ABI LAB has organized the 13th edition of forum on 21 and 22 March 2017 in Milan.

    The event, sponsored by the agency for digital Italy, led the institutional banking, academic and corporate worlds on a journey into the digital ecosystem, that was a social, economic and cultural change across digital technologies.

    Side Soft participated in the event organized by ABI Lab.

  • Placement Week - 25/05/2017 Sidesoft's Placement Week

    Sidesoft accepted with enthusiasm the invitation of the Parma University to take part in the two Recruitment Weeks promoted by the Economics Department to enhance the encounter between future graduates and companies. The students were invited to identify the companies in which they could start a professional career, send the CVs and meet the owners of the company for a dedicated interview.

    During our Placement Day, we met the students of the graduate course specializing in finance and risk management underway in the Department of Economic and Corporate Sciences. “It was an honor to be able to be on the other side of the chair,” commented Roberto Pasqualini, Side Soft’s Vice President, “and it was a pleasure to place our experience at the disposal of the new talents.” The interviews were conducted not only by Roberto Pasqualini, but also by Daniele Pedrelli, Side Soft’s business manager.

    Parma University’s graduate course in Finance and Risk Management aims at producing experts in the management of financial products and portfolios, analysis and bank and financial risk management and more generally, business economic risks, the management of financial institutions, and analysis and management of insurance risks.
  • Banks ICT - 05/05/2017 Banks: ICT investments One of the first points of the manifesto for the Digital Bank created by ABI Lab establishes the task of the bank of the future as that which “integrates the digital paradigms in its own DNA, since thanks to the new technologies we can “reinvent the business by generating wellbeing for the client.”  
    In its last report ICT Scenario and Trends for the banking sector, the Italian banking association also highlighted how the trend of the valorization of digital technologies, is moving forward rapidly in the sector: for 2017, 90% of the banks analyzed in the report have in fact increased the budget available for ICT investments, with the allocation of resources for 17% of the big companies contacted, surpassing 5%. The data becomes even more interesting in the smaller enterprises, where the number of institutes with budgets that increased by over 5% represented 37% of the total.  
    In the light of this data that describes the dynamics of digital revolution able to radically change the use of bank services, the manifesto specifies that it is worthwhile to “accept every opportunity for change” but that innovation cannot only be a matter of new instruments of work models, but “an overall rethinking of the entire way of working in a bank.”  
    Thanks to the long and specific experience in the elaboration of solutions dedicated to the bank sector, Side Soft’s know-how, perfected in the service to Application Management, is able to accompany these development processes, favoring made-to-measure transitions. The service activities regard in particular the application control of the procedures, functional help-desk service to users and management of periodical or important activities. The work group dedicated to the field of application management, in fact, can count on 20 staff members with both functional and technical experience.
  • IBM and Microsoft - 29/03/2017 IBM and MicrosoftImportant novelties in S.I.DE. Soft. The year 2017 started with the logo of a prestigious partnership with IBM. The agreement with the international business machines corporation provides for the possibility for our design team, to use the IBM software for development finalities, tests and simulations. In particular, the objective in the first three months of 2017 concerns the implementation, for a leading Italian bank, of a web-selling process on Business Process Manager platform (BPM).

    Also the partnership with Microsoft corporation has been renewed: in the agenda is a program initiative which MS has reserved for the most successful independent software vendors.

    Roberto Pasqualini, Vice President of S.I.DE. Soft said: “For us it is a great prestige and stimulating challenge to be able to work with the world’s major players in the IT sector, for the development of new solutions.”
  • Time-to-market and privacy - 23/03/2017 Time-to-market and privacy for CredemThe request we took up concerned the acceleration of the data alignment process – from production to testing environments – optimizing the schedules and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data. For Credito Emiliano (Credem), the object substantially was to improve the quality of the data testing processes, in compliance with the strict norms on confidentially that regulate the Italian market. Against the background, was the need to improve performances and achieve a faster time to market of the business applications.

    Sidesoft's team in fact took charge of the request and elaborated a solution based on the Micro Focus Data Express program, which allows the segmentation and masking of sensitive data such as tax codes, in the test phase. The verification environments in fact are set in parallel with the production environment, creating a repeatable and safe test environment that is able to support all the control activities. The verifications are conducted on the test data and the results are controlled through the analysis of the impact on the various files. Each process product is subsequently personalized using personalized APIs and exit routine mechanisms.

    The test environment thus uses the same quality of the production environment data, making the reproduction of the pilot case possible, and which was impossible to certify in the past.

    The results observed by the client are enticing:
    •    80#% reduction of the requirements for memory in verification environment •    50#% improvement of the batch test performances •    total conformity with data privacy •    increased application quality •    reduction of time-to-market

    Ernesto Centrella, Credem test department manager said: “we achieved savings in many sectors: costs of disc space, use of mips/cpu, a more stable production environment and a faster time to -arket for our business applications. Above all, micro-focus and helped us to minimize any risk of noncompliance with data privacy.”

    Roberto Pasqualini, Vice President of S.I.DE. Soft remarked: “Thanks to the competence of Soft in the banking sector and knowledge of the Credit Emiliano environment, through the micro-focus tool we were able to help our client reach the objective both in terms of norms and performance. The skills we acquired in the subsetting and masquerading field found an optimal application here.”

    Andrea Bursi, Project Manager of S.I.DE. Soft added: "the requirements of the project regarded the loading of a reduction of the entire database, maintaining the reference integrity among the various tables, and the masquerading of sensitive data present. In collaboration with micro-focus, we reached both objectives, perfecting the dynamic criteria of reduction and masquerading of data, and subsequently processing the entire snapshot with the product’s host component. And all the while, we were conforming with Credem’s specific demands."